Emily Kao


Emily, a Kao that doesn’t go Moo.
Professionally, an Experiential Designer.
Passionately, an Experience Designer.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Who is this "emoolymoo"?

My creative practice is multi-disciplinary. My journey crafting across objects, interfaces, and experiences has helped inform my core interest in engaging people in meaningful ways. Professionally an Associate 3D Designer at Set Creative, I design experiences and build worlds for brands that not only meet rational marketing goals, but also connect businesses with people in unexpected environments that influence consumer behavior. Clients include: Brooks, Clinique, Google, Lego, and many more. 

Similarly, my cultural background is multi-dimensional as a third culture Taiwanese American. Besides holding my clashing principles as a family-centric Taiwanese and an independently-driven American, I have also had the privilege of collecting various cultural traits from my global network of friends. Whether it’s through learning four years of Japanese, studying abroad in Copenhagen and Berlin, or loving Korean and Latino music, my adaptability has allowed me to instinctually research and design with empathy. As reflected in my gatherings and dialogues, I naturally have a deep curiosity to learn about people’s upbringing and cultural identity.

With my experience in designing environments and love for storylistening/telling, I hope to collaborate with other creatives to reimagine the next innovative form of gathering. Let’s create a dining experience, pop-up installation, social experiment, urban intervention, therapeutic workshop, interactive performance, or the next non-existent adventure!

Résumé available upon request.