Emily Kao

My Self


 Live from the stage/my workspace

Who is this "emoolymoo"?

Just like this nickname, my cultural background as a third culture Taiwanese American is multi-dimensional. Besides holding my clashing principles as a family-centric Taiwanese and an independently-driven American, I have also had the privilege of collecting various cultural traits from my global network of friends. Whether it’s through learning four years of Japanese, studying abroad in Copenhagen and Berlin, or loving Korean and Latino music, my adaptability and relatability has allowed me to naturally research and design with empathy.

Similarly, my work is multi-disciplinary. My journey crafting across objects, installations, and experiences has helped inform my core interest in exploring the relationship between people and space—both private and public. Currently, I am brewing a new intervention of tactical urbanism* with the performing arts. My recent obsession with interactive and immersive theater has lead me to wonder the arts’ enduring effect. I believe a meaningful performance can not only make a lasting emotional impact to an audience, but also leave a lasting physical impact to an urban community.

My BFA in industrial design from Rhode Island School of Design and my collection of global experiences makes up who I am today. I hope to use my background and collaborate with a diverse group of enthusiastic professionals to create positive change in the space that we share, one experience at a time: from a corner on a small block to the entire realm of the city.

*Tactical Urbanism is an approach to neighborhood building that uses short-term, low-cost, and scalable interventions and policies to catalyze long term change. —Tactical Urbanist’s Guide.